From the Warp

The Imperial Grand Cruiser Solaria’s Wrath burst silently from the immaterium through a widening tear in the fabric of real-space. The ship floated without life or motion amongst the tranquility of the stars for a brief moment, before it was joined in unison by its sister ships The Storm of Righteousness and Tempest’s Fury. Smaller vessels, yet similar in design […]

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Niméa Lorenshield

“I didn’t think you Elves liked ale!” the bartender laughed, his beard bristles lost in a sea of chins, his large bulk swaying with his own pompous behaviour as he handed over another stein of cool, dark malt. She turned her head sharply in his direction, her stark grey eyes meeting his. “And how many […]

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Black Cloaks

‘Who are we meant to be meeting here?’ she asked, without great feeling. ‘Are they going to be able to recognise you with all…that?’ Anders laughed, some of the tension seeming to leave him. ‘In a word, yes. See, this is what I looked like when I first met these two here. I’d fallen into […]

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The House of Shadow

“Even in his later years, Lyron never forgot their shrill screams as they lunged for the silver warrior who had broken their foul incantations. Cultists, hooded in ragged purple robes lined with symbols that hurt his head to understand, were gathered around a luminous circle, their chanting interrupted by the intrusion. The cultist closest to Lyron, […]

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The Winter Winds

Lyron grimaced against the biting wind despite the protection of his heavy steel armour. For all the good it did him, he may as well have been wearing the woollen garments he had worn only a few hours earlier. He braced himself and imagined standing around the hearth of his homestead near the outer most reaches of the city walls. He hoped he would return to it soon.
With thoughts of home and warmth, he pushed onwards and came to his destination. He was decidedly unimpressed as he stood before a run down house, its stone walls crumbling and wooden beams long since rotted. How it had stood for so long was a mystery Lyron couldn’t fathom.
Filthy creatures”, he muttered to himself, and shouldered his heavy war-hammer with ease. He knew if he knocked no one would answer, not that he would hear a voice over the howling winter winds. The only course of action was the swiftest, no judgement would be given for these souls.
With deft hands, Lyron unshouldered his war hammer, and in one swift over arm swing he brought the shimmering mythril head down upon the door at its strongest point. The door toor away from its hinges, there was no need for such a powerful swing. In hindsight, he was glad he took such an action that left him armed and ready for combat, as all hell rose from the shadows to meet him at the door.

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